Our cleaning products are non-toxic & environmentally friendly

Is your family suffering from unknown toxin products in the air?

Non-toxic Cleaning Products

Your home will be toxic-free, because we care about your health and the environment. Toronto Carpet Cleaner Ricky Zafari, owner of Bayview Steam Cleaning, has researched many non-toxic cleaning products in the market and recommends and uses two products while cleaning and deodorizing your home.

Why we use microban milgo sr or enz-all when deodorizing and cleaning your home or business?

Microban Milgo SR

Bayview Steam Cleaning recommends using an antimicrobial protection product called Microban Milgo SR. This eco-friendly deodorizer is best used to deodorize porous materials like, upholstery, stain–resistant carpets, beds, curtains and other materials in your household.

This amazing lemon scent permeates throughout your home leaving a fresh aroma for days to come. Microban Milgo SR eliminates urine odor, feces odor, decay and perspiration.


Why we use Enz-All™ when cleaning? Carpet and Upholstery Organic SolutionsEnzall Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner Enz-All™ is a unique blend of enzymatic action that quickly breaks down tough organic soils such as body oils, food grease, grass stains, perspiration, dirt and more. This natural organic odor eliminator leaves behind a calming floral scent

Galaxy Steam Cleaning Equipment

Galaxy Steam Cleaning Equipment offers exclusive dual high vacuum performance and heavy duty removal of dirt and dust and stains. Excellent value for all your cleaning requirements.


Our Certified Cleaners use the Best Powerful Equipment and Deodorizing, Cleaning Products that are Non-Toxic and Environmentally Friendly.

Ricky Zafari