Wool Carpet Steam Cleaning

Our professional carpet cleaners restore the shine and vibrancy to your wool carpet.

Wool carpets are a wonderful addition to any home. They’re gorgeous to look at, they have a soft, warm texture that feels great on the toes, and their thick consistency offers an added element of insulation during the winter months when temperatures plummet.

However, for all their plus points, wool carpets aren’t always easy to wash when you don’t have the right tools. At Bayview Steam Cleaning, we have the equipment required to conduct a full-scale professional clean that restores the shine and vibrancy to your wool carpet, while ensuring the material remains thick and full after completion.

Our professional carpet steam cleaning services are the most advanced on the market, eliminating all traces of lingering dirt, as well as any debris lying at the base of the carpet. We carefully remove the material and soak it in hot water, guaranteeing minimal moisture is left once the cleaning procedure is concluded.

Our team also utilize the most effective drying techniques, so your wool carpet looks and feels as good as new once it is restored to your floors.

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