Silk Carpet Cleaning

Our tailored cleaning service caters specifically to silk material.

Silk carpets give properties an upscale, glamorous aura, offering a blissful surface for bare feet – and a distinctive gleam that’s very easy on the eye.

Elegant and attractive, silk carpets contain a multitude of fibres amassed from a selection of natural resources. When this material soaks up liquid or dirt, stubborn stains appear that can be extremely difficult to remove with simple scrubbing methods. In many cases, tending to your silk carpet by hand can often fray the material, leaving you with damaged patches and unsightly, discoloured areas.

Silk carpets require expert care and attention to retain their splendour and shine, and Bayview Steam Cleaning offer a tailored service that caters specifically for this type of material.
Using specialized equipment and techniques designed to handle the delicate fibres, we can effectively remove any dirt, debris, stains and odours from your silk carpet, to restore its soft texture and glossy appearance.

We wash and dry your silk carpets at the perfect temperatures, applying just the right amount of water and cleaning solution required to extract the stains, while maintaining the integrity of the material.

Please call Ricky Zafari, your Certified Carpet Cleaner, today!