Nylon Carpet Steam Cleaning

We recommend a “deep clean” at least one a year!

Nylon carpets remain a popular choice in properties across the country. Affordable and attractive, nylon is often used for wall to wall carpeting, covering large areas of space affordably.

Nylon is one of the more durable materials used for carpets, and is impressively resistant to wear and tear. However, a deep clean is required at least once a year, in order to eliminate the inevitable dirt and debris that works its way into the threads over time.

At Bayview Steam Cleaning, we have top quality nylon carpet cleaning equipment on hand at all times. This enables us to perform a deep clean of your carpets whenever you require it. Our service is performed in a prompt and efficient manner, utilizing the most advanced cleaning techniques.

We will ensure your carpet is returned and refitted within a short space of time, looking and feeling as fresh as the day you first installed it.

Our procedures eliminate the odours and microscopic bacteria that ordinary cleaning will not, guaranteeing your home remains fresh, fragrant and healthy all year round.

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