Polypropylene Carpet Steam Cleaning

Polypropylene Carpet Cleaning

Polypropylene is the perfect carpet solution for any parts of a property exposed to high amounts of foot traffic. This material has been designed with durability in mind, making it a popular choice with landlords for lobbies, halls, staircases, entranceways, and any other areas that are potentially vulnerable to deterioration. The synthetic nature of polypropylene gives it a resilient quality that prevents the carpet from succumbing to wear and tear over time. In many cases the material can last for several years before requiring a replacement.

However, despite its admirably robust properties, a polypropylene carpet requires regular cleaning in order to function effectively and look its best. Any carpet positioned in an area where lots of people come and go will inevitably accumulate a significant amount of dirt and debris over time. It’s vital to give the material a professional scrubbing so it maintains its integrity.

Polypropylene carpets need to be treated with professional steam cleaning on a regular basis. This will eliminate the prospect of grime collecting at the bottom of the carpet and creating a pungent odour (which can be very difficult to get rid of without changing the material altogether). Bayview Steam Cleaning offer a steam cleaning service for polypropylene carpets that gets right to the base of the carpet, and freshens the material throughout. With our expert techniques and state-of-the-art water pressure equipment, you can keep your polypropylene carpet looking fantastic all year round.